Parman Teen Book Review: “And then there were none” by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None features the story of eight people who are invited to an island for various purposes, who are met by a cook and a butler. Altogether there are only ten people on the island, all of whom do not know who invited them there, and even though this is a pretty sketchy scenario, the people decide to stay and discuss the abnormality of the whole scenario. Interestingly enough, after a drink one of the guests chokes and dies, and it is found that his drink had been poisoned with potassium cyanide. One by one the guests begin to die, and it becomes clear that there is a murderer on the island. The guests begin to fear one another, desperately attempting to figure out who the culprit is, who the next victim will be, until they are the victim… This novel is by far my favorite mystery, because it was truly suspenseful and filled with red herrings. I did not anticipate the ending at all, which was what made the novel very satisfying and thrilling for me. Christie is obviously a very talented writer, and this novel has encouraged me to explore some of her other works too. I would definitely recommend this novel to people of all ages.

Niraja, 16 Parman TLLC


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