Parman Teen Book Review: “Of mice and men”

ofmiceand men

Of Mice and Men  by John Steinbeck, is a novella (short novel) that will not take very long to read, and every minute spent reading it is worthwhile. There are very few books that I have read that are as heartfelt and emotional as Of Mice and Men; Steinbeck does a phenomenal job at capturing the tale of two migrant workers – George and Lennie – and the harsh truths of life and friendship. George Milton and Lennie Small are very good friends, despite their differences. George is a small, shrewd man who is Lennie’s protector; Lennie, unlike his last name, is a big, burly guy who is mentally disabled. Lennie enjoys stroking small things, including dead mice; his unintentional, innocent stroking of the soft velvet of a woman’s dress causes him and George to be kicked out of their previous home, and they are back on the road as migrant workers. What is so sweet about the relationship between George and Lennie is that it is not perfect (George is constantly annoyed by Lennie’s “slow” behavior and his rough, bitter attitude towards Lennie causes Lennie to cry, apologize profusely, and whimper about his American Dream), yet, despite the irritation George may sometime have towards Lennie, George is always there for Lennie and vice versa. It is so rare and precious to find such deep, meaningful friendships, and Steinbeck’s conveys the men’s friendship beautifully. Also, the book deals with the way people treat the mentally disabled, as if they are useless to society and should be looked down upon, or not treated with as high of a regard as people who are completely mentally capable. Lennie is harassed at his workplace by a man named Curley, and to this day in society, the mentally disabled are often belittled or looked down upon. Overall, this is truly a moving story that I would encourage all teens and adults to read. Niraja, 16 Parman TLLC



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