Parman teen book review: “Second chance summer” by Morgan Matson

second chance summer

Morgan Matson does not fail to appeal to teen audiences with genuine characters and an emotional plot that has the capability to make you laugh and cry with this novel. Second Chance Summer is about a high school student named Taylor Edwards, whose life changes completely on her seventeenth birthday when her father is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Taylor is forced to go back to her family’s summer home that she has not visited in five years. The summer she was twelve, Taylor lost two of her best friends through her tendency to run away when things get tough. Now, Taylor is faced with the opportunity to mend the past to create a better future, while getting along with Gelsey, her twelve-year-old ballerina sister; Warren, her Ivy League bound older brother; her mother, whom she was never very close with; her father, who pretends as though nothing is wrong; Lucy, her former best friend who refuses to acknowledge her; and Henry Crosby, her first boyfriend. Overall, Second Chance Summer is a truly moving tale of grief, family, love, and hope.

Niraja 16 Parman TLLC

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