Video Game Review: Xenoblade Chronicles


This game is about a war between the Homs (a human-like race), who are residents of the planet/giant Bionis, and the Mechons, inhabitants of the planet/giant Mechonis. During one of the battles, Shulk, the protagonist, loses his childhood friend and obtains the Monado, the only weapon of the Homs capable of killing Mechon. He then sets out on a journey to get revenge. He meets others on his journey and ultimately succeeds in his journey.


This game is a RPG created by Monolith Soft for the Nintendo Wii. This game has an open world design, which allows players to go back and forth through previously explored areas. The game also rewards the player for exploration, a concept that is not seen in many open world games, by giving experience points for discovering new locations and giving a greater amount of experience for discovering secret landmarks. Combat in the game is a turn-based system, with the party attacking and then the enemies making their attacks. Attacks are done automatically, but the player can perform special attacks that inflict extra damage and sometimes additional effects on enemies. An interesting mechanic in the game is the “vision” capability, allowing players to “foresee” a deadly enemy attack and giving the player a chance to prevent that from happening. There is also the affinity chart, which shows the player’s relationship with different party members and areas or cities of the world. Affinity is usually gained by completing side quests. This affinity chart allows players to have a greater connection with each of the party members because greater affinity in general opens more backstory for both the party members and the generic characters. The side quests allow players to get experience, money, and equipment to make themselves stronger. The game also adds new side quests in old areas to increase side stories and give players a reason to revisit old locations.


This game can target people who like to control their characters movement, and this game is an open world (free roam) game which lets people control the movement of their character, and the map of the game is huge, which allows player to explore all of the places. The game also has a very large story and the story is a very good one, so player who like to a good story would love to play this game just for the story. The game is a very good RPG. This also fits with the players who like to control their characters movement and now they can also control the equipment the characters have. The turn-based combat system is very good and for people who like combat this game would be perfect for them. The game also includes a character development feature, which allows player to build bonds with other party members, and actually gives the characters of the game some life. The game also includes side quest which allows the player to build better bonds with the people of their environment.

-Abinav, 14
Teen Leadership Council
Encino Branch Library

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