Parman Teen Book Review: The burning sky by Sherry Thomas

buring sky   This novel is the first in a series known as The Elemental Trilogy. The book seemed very enticing to me, based on its title and plot, as well as the saccharine book reviews I have read regarding this series. Being a bibliophile, I am never one to give up on a book if the first few pages do not excite me. However, The Burning Sky never truly captured my interest, from the first page to the last. The book was not particularly boring; rather it was much like the Harry Potter series, in its discussion of magic, relationships, and fighting evil. However, it did not live up to the Harry Potter series because the characters, especially Titus, was unbelievably unflawed and the magical world the whole novel took place in was not nearly as captivating or enchanting as Hogwarts and the wizarding world.

After getting past the first half of the novel, though, it was not too bad. One thing I disliked about The Burning Sky was Thomas’s writing style. The tempo of her novel was slow and the sentences did not flow together, which made the novel difficult to read to an extent. Also, it seemed to jump into the vocabulary of magic a little too fast, without giving adequate explanations to readers regarding what each term meant. However, the novel is packed with action which can be entertaining to some, and I did like the protagonist, Iolanthe, who is fearful of her destiny, as any 16-year-old girl who has been “The Chosen One” would. She is a strong, female character, which I respect; yet, at the same time, Iolanthe did seem a little perfect beyond reason at times. Overall, although The Burning Sky was not for me, it may be the perfect book for you!

~Niraja, 16 Parman TLL

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