Parman Teen Book Review: “The Selection” by Kiera Cass

selectionIf you are a fan of the television show, The Bachelor, then The Selection is the novel for you. Set in a dystopian society, The Selection tells the story of a teenager, America Singer, who registers to enter a competition to become the princess of the country Illéa, the future United States of America. America applies to be a part of this competition, dubbed the Selection, only because she is nagged by her loved ones to do so and she strongly believes that the chances of her being selected to compete to win Prince Maxon’s love are rather slim – only 35 women are chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants. However, America is chosen, and she is automatically promoted in caste just from being selected – from being a underprivileged six to a much better-off three. America is whisked away to King Clarkson’s palace, where she and 34 other women are expected to fiercely compete to marry Prince Maxon and become the next princess of Illéa. America does so half-heartedly, only staying because of the excellent food she receives at the palace and the stipends her poor family gets in return for her service to the country in competing in the Selection; she could never see herself becoming a one (in caste), let alone a princess. Soon, though, America begins to realize that Prince Maxon is not the man she thought he was. He is not snobby or selfish, and does not possess any of the negative qualities typically attributed to the aristocracy and elite of Illéa. America and Maxon quickly form a strong friendship. As their friendship develops, however, America begins to want to stay in the competition not for the money or the food, but for Maxon.

Niraja S. 17, Parman TLLC


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