Parman Teen Book Review: “The One” by Kiera Cass

the one            The One offers a completely satisfying end to America Singer’s journey in the Selection as she competes for Prince Maxon’s heart and, inadvertently, the crown. The four remaining girls – America, Kriss, Celeste, and Elise – bond as they wait for the decision that will change their lives. A lot of insight is offered regarding each character’s intentions for remaining in and potentially winning the Selection. Personally, I came to really like Celeste, who ends up becoming a very reliable friend to America. Illéa’s political system is also undermined in this novel, with fascinating details regarding the rebels. And, of course, perhaps the most interesting decision in the novel (even more tense than who Prince Maxon will choose) is made: whether America will choose Aspen, the boy she has known her whole life, or Maxon, her friend, confidante, and potential husband. Overall, The One is a sweet, lovable read.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


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