Super Smash Bros. Tournament @ Encino

For the end of Teen Tech Week as well as the Encino Branch Library’s own Tech Week (“#EncinoTech”), we hosted an all-ages Super Smash Bros. Tournament this past Saturday!! A big THANKS! goes out to our fellow teens and their awesome librarians at Collins Garden, Great Northwest, and Igo for letting us use their Wii U consoles to host an epic tournament.

We had 10 teams of 2 players competing for the ultimate prize: bragging rights (duh!) as well as original artwork from one of our teens, Alex! It was a double-elimination style tournament, and rounds lasted a maximum of 10 minutes with 5 stock. And of course, no items were allowed—except for the Smash Ball! We were lucky enough to have 4 Wii U consoles for the tournament, which made the tournament run smoothly and allowed us to keep rounds going. And because we had 4 Wii U consoles…that meant TOTAL. LIBRARY. TAKEOVER. Yeah, we were basically playing in every room at the Encino Branch Library!

That meant that we definitely drew crowds not only from other tournament participants, but also from people who were just hanging out at the library that day. People of all ages cheered, screamed, yelled, laughed…and while no one cried on the outside, hearts were definitely broken as teams dropped out. But that’s just the nature of these things!

After 3 grueling hours of gameplay, one team emerged victorious…Team Asian! Alex will be drawing the winning team’s characters in celebratory poses and we will frame them fantastically so that the winning team can proudly show off their accomplishments!

Check out some pictures below, as well as a video of one of the final battles!

Overall, we had a great time with this tournament and we hope to do it again real soon. Hopefully you’ll join us!!

And don’t forget, the Teen Gaming Club at the Encino Branch Library meets every Saturday from noon to 2 PM in the Teen Room!

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