Parman Teen Book Review: “Tell me three things” by Julie Buxbaum

tell me three things

Jessie’s mother passed away about two years ago, and now her father has moved them to L.A. to live with a woman he met in an online bereavement group and married. Jessie is forced to leave behind the life she has known and loved in Chicago – including the small bedroom she has lived in forever, her best friend Scarlet, and memories of her mother – to move across the country and adjust to a new life with her stepmother, Rachel, and her son, Theo. Jessie feels like she does not fit in to the posh L.A. high school she attends where everyone wears branded clothes and drives expensive cars. To make things worse, Jessie has not made a single friend yet (since her stepbrother ignores her at school), and her father is too busy with Rachel and his own new life to pay attention to her. Then, a week after starting school, Jessie receives an anonymous email from someone by the alias “Somebody Nobody” who offers her advice regarding how to adjust to life in L.A. and listens to what she has to say. Although this plot may seem a little cheesy, this book is definitely worthwhile and has an amazing storyline to it. The mystery regarding who “Somebody Nobody” is also kept me really interested in the novel from the first page to the last. Jessie is a sweet, relatable character, and all the other characters and themes in Tell Me Three Things made this novel one of my favorites; I highly recommend this novel!

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


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