Parman Teen Book Review: “Saint Anything” by Sarah Dessen

st anythingSaint Anything is the second novel I have read by Sarah Dessen, and further increased my admiration of the author. Dessen artfully captures issues that teenagers struggle with, whether that be petty daily problems like completing homework or deciding how to style ones hair or life-changing dilemmas. In Saint Anything, the protagonist Sydney has always lived in the shadow of her beautiful older brother, Peyton, until he became entangled with drugs and alcohol – an affair that ultimately resulted in Peyton injuring a boy while driving drunk, landing him in jail. Sydney’s parents are preoccupied with ensuring Peyton that he is not a monster who crippled a teenager and pretending as though everything is alright when it clearly is not. In the midst of this, Sydney struggles ti find her true identity with the help of new friends at a new high school, and discovers truths about her family that change her forever. Overall, Saint Anything is a novel with depth, but it is not nearly as sentimental or moving as some of Dessen’s other works. I would suggest this to any Sarah Dessen who wants to be moved but not to the point of tears, or to anyone who has not read a novel by Sarah Dessen yet, because Saint Anything is a great place to start!

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC


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