Parman Teen Book Review: Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

wink poppy midnight            I was really excited to read this novel once I heard about its release, for it seemed like the book for me. Wink Poppy Midnight features a mystery and the perspectives of three different individuals, and I love mysteries and toggling between multiple narrators to fully receive the “big picture” of a story. However, I did not feel that Wink Poppy Midnight executed this too well, for I felt that the incorporation of the perspectives of three characters was simply confusing and incongruous, especially the perspective of Wink, who refers to the whole plot via fairy tales and external stories. Also, the story was not exactly a mystery, because what I expected to happen happened, with a minor plot twist that did not really manage to catch me off-guard. The author’s writing style is beautiful and lyrical, creating a light, whimsical mood throughout the story that was very interesting; but, the plot of the story was a bit dull. The first half of the book is slow, and then the second half seemed to pick up too fast, with a bunch of random events happening all over the place, and the conclusion leaving loose threads undone (with the exception of what happens to Poppy). Overall, I would say that this book did not quite meet my expectations, but it was all right. What I liked most about Wink Poppy Midnight, though, was the author’s ability to capture the idea that a person does not fit into a personality mold; rather, a character is dynamic, containing both the good and the bad within him or her. Niraja, 17 TLLC

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