Princess JellyfishVol 1 Review

Princess Jellyfish

I have first discovered Princess Jellyfish on Netflix in January 2015. When it comes to certain anime, it takes a lot for me to become completely addicted. When I completed the series, I knew this has reached the level of one of my favorites, even catching up to my other favorite anime which was Ouran High School Host Club. Whenever I finish an anime sometimes I like to read the manga series that are companion to the anime. However, I learned that the manga for Princess Jellyfish was unreleased in the United States until March 2016. Luckily since it was unreleased I pre-ordered on Amazon and received the book on release day. When I read the manga, I felt like I was watching the anime again, which takes a lot more me to think that. I fell in love with the characters as I was reading it and I knew I made an excellent purchase. The art and story by Akiko Higashimura is unique, she gives an experience I would wish to encounter in real life.Anyway in the manga it follows Tsukimi adopting a jellyfish and in the beginning we see her mother promising Tsukimi that she will make a wedding dress based of a jellyfish when she gets married. However, her mother passed away and Tsukimi lives with her roommates in a apartment named Amamizukan. She meets someone named Kuranosuke who helped her receive her jellyfish. Around the middle the story the residents receive the news that Amamizukan is going to be torn down and redeveloped as a hotel.

I love the story as it wants you to keep going and learn what happens. I really recommend this for anyone that likes the happy go lucky feeling of anime and I truly cherish the anime. One last thing, the manga is released in a two in one bundle so each volume has two volumes which is an excellent deal. I recommend this manga and anime and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Noel from Teen Library @ Central

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