Parman Teen Book Review: “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowel


This is the first book I have read by Rowell, and I enjoyed it. Fangirl tells the story of college freshman Cath Avery who feels estranged by her twin sister, Wren. Now that they are in college, Wren feels that it is best for Cath and her to make new friends and refuses to be Cath’s roommate – after having shared a room with her for eighteen years. Cath is forced to navigate college by herself (or she thought, before meeting her new roommate Rachel, her friend Levi, and writing partner Nick), while worrying about her father who is left home alone with an empty nest and an unstable mental condition. Fangirl is a bit longer than most contemporary young adult novels, which I personally liked. I also liked how Fangirl showcases the good in people, even those who may seem bad at first. Undoubtedly, my favorite character in the novel was Levi, who is a genuinely caring, kind person who is always there for Cath. Without him, both Cath and Fangirl would not be complete. Overall, Fangirl is a great read that I would recommend for girls and boys alike.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC

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