Parman Teen Book Review: “The Outsiders” by S.E.Hinton

The_Outsiders_Book_Cover_2I realized today that this novel is a young adult classic for a reason. Hinton’s story is rich and deeply moving, detailing a short episode of the narrator’s – Ponyboy’s – life as he examines how people of different socioeconomic classes tend to segregate themselves and what truly marks these differences, money or otherwise. I’d heard of Hinton’s famous lines, ‘Stay gold, Ponyboy,’ before I read The Outsiders; in context, they are even more beautiful. This novel is definitely on the shorter side of fiction, but its brevity makes its message prominent and meaningful. All the characters were likable in one way or another, and Hinton effectively drives home the point that everyone has his or her flaws and merits, and that life’s circumstances can make a good person seem bad, or a rotten person seem angelic. Hinton astonishes me with his description of how sometimes people from all different walks of life – from those battered and run-down to the privileged who have it all – can have much in common as they recognize beauty, rage, and what’s right and wrong together. The Outsiders is a heartbreaking, warm tale with a bittersweet end that changed the way I, personally, view the world.

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Niraja, 17, Parman TLLC

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