Parman Teen Book Review: “Don’t get caught” by Kurt Dinan

don't get caught

If you enjoyed The Shadow Club by Neil Gaiman, then this book is for you. Don’t Get Caught has several parallels to The Shadow Club, including pranks, inferiority complexes, and the thin line between harmless and dangerous. Max is a caring, introspective narrator, and I really liked how the novel was written through his perspective instead of one of the other members of the Water Tower 5. Don’t Get Caught also had some surprising twists that is bound to keep the reader entertained, especially when combined with an active, thrilling plot. This was definitely one of the most engaging books I’ve read this year, and ranged from being outright hilarious to quite serious. My only issue with the novel was its ending. Although Dinan concludes on a positive note, he doesn’t wrap up Max’s story as well as I would have liked him too and ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger. This book definitely needs a sequel, and as of right now, Dinan has mentioned on Goodreads that he is definitely contemplating creating one.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC

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