Parman Teen Book Review: “Lord of the flies” by William Golding

lord of the fliesI’ve been exploring classic literature recently, and Lord of the Flies was on the top of my list as I’d read many raving reviews for it. I wasn’t anticipating, however, that Lord of the Flies would be one of the most haunting novels I’ve ever read. Set during WWII, the story details events that occur after a group of British preparatory school boys get stranded on an island. These boys are mostly in their pre-teenage years, with some as young as six. Although they attempt to live in a civilized manner, without adult supervision their good intentions are quickly replaced by chaos. The first half of the novel was a bit slow and repetitive; however, the latter half makes up for this lull with breathtaking, action-packed scenes. All in all, Lord of the Flies amazed me with the chilling truths about human nature that Golding implies in his novel, and how these ideas are not only applicable to adults but children as well. This was truly an outstanding, insightful book that I believe everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

Niraja, 17 Parman TLLC

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