Parman Teen Book Review: “Me before you” by JoJo Moyes


Although Me Before You is a sweet, poignant novel that ponders the value of family, friends, and love, I still feel as though it is one of the most overrated books of all time. Personally, I’m quite cautious when reading a novel that is very popular, for I fear that I will not love it as much as everyone else. This is what happened with Me Before You. I love the messages the novel sends, from living life to the fullest and having no regrets to being independent while relying upon family and friends for aid and comfort. However, I feel as though these themes are hackneyed in literature, and I felt as though I was reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green all over again except in a different format. I liked how witty and charming Will could be, but Louisa – the protagonist – was just too dull and distant for my liking. I also felt as though Moyes’ writing style was drawn out unnecessarily, and it took me days to finish this novel because I would lose interest frequently. Also, even though the ending was touching, it didn’t move me to the point of tears; I’m actually one of the few readers out there who liked the ending, and felt satisfied enough with it that I don’t think I’ll be reading After You, the sequel to this novel, anytime soon. All in all, Me Before You just wasn’t for me, but I hope teens and adults who decide to give this novel a try will enjoy it more than I did.

Niraja 17, Parman TLLC

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