Parman Teen Book Review: “Lock and KEy” by Sarah Dessen

locknkeyThis was my third read by Sarah Dessen, and it only confirmed my love for her writing and characters. In Lock and Key, Dessen narrates the story of a teenager named Ruby who must learn to adjust to a new life with her older sister Cora and her loving husband Jamie after her mother abandons her. Ruby feels as though she does not fit in at her new high school, and she struggles to let go of the past and accept that she has a promising future ahead of her. I loved how Lock and Key analyzed a plethora of truths from a variety of perspectives in a manner that was raw, real, and highly relatable. Ruby was a seriously flawed character who had made many mistakes in the past, yet I could not help but sympathize with her because Dessen clearly portrayed her as someone who has been beaten down by life and deserves a second chance. Ruby’s new family is extremely supportive, and I especially loved Jamie. Jamie is a gem in literature, and I appreciated the endless kindness and compassion he showed towards both Ruby and Cora. All in all, Lock and Key is a poignant novel that will take you a roller coaster of emotions in which you find yourself laughing alongside Ruby at some of the confusing events that take place in her new life and empathizing with her when she travels to some of the darker places within in order to find herself.~Niraja~Parman TLLC


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