Parman Teen Book Review: “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo


This novel is different from anything I’ve ever read. Although it does have some characteristics typical of all fantasy novels to it, such as superpowers and a prejudiced society, Six of Crows shines with main characters who are all outcasts. Kaz Brekker is the ultimate antihero, and the rest of his crew – Jesper, Inej, Nina, Matthias, and Wylan – are all just as “despicable.” These kids have been forced to cheat, swindle, and lie to survive, yet I think it’s important to state that they are far from evil; rather, they are pillars of good that are the foundation for this fantastic story. Six of Crows contains the perfect balance between something that is dark, gritty, and a little violent but also laugh-out-loud hilarious, with all of the characters bringing humor even in the midst of near-death and destruction. In addition, the female characters do not hide in their male counterparts’ shadows. Instead, Inej and Nina are feminine and just as powerful and capable as the men, if not stronger. The book is also very well-written, and I love the aesthetic design of it. The cover perfect captures the whole story’s mood, and the blackened pages are not only symbolic but also truly contribute to a wholesome, enjoyable reading experience. All in all, Six of Crows is a novel that I’d recommend to all readers, as its superb, lovable characters and breathtaking, intricate plot will be sure to sweep you off your feet.

Niraja, 18 Parman TLLC

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