Parman Book Review: “Love and Gelato” by Jenna Evans Welch


love and gelatoAfter reading the first few pages of Love & Gelato, I worried I would not enjoy it because I felt as though the writing did not flow well and is bombarded with trite similes and some awkward attempts at humor. Thankfully this feeling did not last for long, as I was quickly able to connect with the narrator, Lina. Although she could be a bit oblivious at times, Lina was quite likable, and her funny thoughts and realistic dialogue kept me endlessly entertained. Lina was actually mature – unlike many of the characters that seem to dominate young adult literature – and handled her mother’s passing and following changes in her life like any reasonable sixteen-year-old would. The setting, Italy, is my favorite part of the novel, for Welch captures the magic of the city of Florence with breathtakingly scenic details. In addition, the mystery surrounding the relationship between Lina’s mother and father is suspenseful and engaging as Lina uncovers secrets regarding her heritage through her mother’s journal entries. Overall, Love & Gelato is a sweet, summery read that perfectly balances a light, breezy, and fun story with the moving idea of the importance of family. Niraja

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