1st week as an intern at the library 

This first week at The Great Northwest Library has been quite the experience. I was doing thing that I never thought I would be doing at a library. Coming into the library I thought I was going to be stacking books all day and telling people where they could find the paper back copy of captain underpants, but it turns out I was completely wrong. MY FIRST DAY HERE WE MADE SUSHI!!!! That doesn’t happen at a library, so I thought. The next few day was the typical library procedure stacking books and updating the bulletin board. Then came video gaming night which was quite the adventure. Me not knowing that much about games I thought that there going to be a couple kids battling it out in super Mario cart, but one again I was wrong. I had never seen so much intensity in my life. I did not want to get myself hurt so I just kept quiet and minded my own business.

  Over all I love it here so far and the people here are amazingly nice, I cannot wait to see what the library has in store for me next.

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