A Night of No Stars

By: Baala

It was a night of no stars, one would have thought of it as a brilliant view. For the wind had swayed the trees in an elegant dance. I did not notice as I ran through the forest, across silver puddles and gnarled roots, not daring to look back. It had been deadly silent… Until, the wolves came. They attacked like a vicious storm. I dared to climb a tree, hoping those wolves couldn’t climb. Thankfully, they just snarled and growled at the base of the tree. I could feel my heart beating and I could hardly breathe. After the wolves had attacked, I was a bleeding mess. After what seemed like hours, the wolves spoke. “Give us what was lost forever,” they rasped, and it was no accident that I knew what it was…

A synopsis of Baala’s work-in-progress from Creative Writing Workshop. Join us Mondays, 5 pm at the Potranco Branch Library/ Mays Family YMCA.

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