Book Synopsis

Book Synopsis by Lalo

“The people of this Earth have been taking advantage of what this planet has given them. Food, trees that give them oxygen, and the animals. Before humans came, plants would thrive without pollution. Now there is a big decrease in the Green. All different types of plants would grow without the beings of this world. Coffee beans, grape vines, vegetables, and even cotton plants would grow. Very shameful. No one would recycle anymore. No one would care. But it’s a loss for them. One little girl named Briar Thorn saw everything different, and saw life without humans. The possibilities would be limitless for the Green. She invested all her time into plants and knew she could shape the world to be a better place. The way she saw things were different than others. The people of this world did all they could to stop her. She would do anything for the Green and that means anything. But when she is put to the test, which questions her Green and her rotten belief for the plants.”

A synopsis of Lalo’s work-in-progress from Creative Writing Workshop. Join us Mondays, 5 pm at the Potranco Branch Library/ Mays Family YMCA.

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