Emerald of Evergorn by Baala

There was once a town called Evergorn. It was not a big town but it wasn’t a small town. If you ever were to find this town, turn right past a gigantic apple tree and keep going down the street, you will find a vast golden field with one, very large, pillar with an emerald right in the very center. The people had many stories of why that one pillar was so important. This is the story of the Emerald of Evergorn…

Once upon a time, there lived a King. He was a fair and wealthy ruler. He had a grand palace made of polished marble. He had many great things for he had been one of the greatest warriors of his time, but out of all that treasure he prized a small green stone, the Emerald of Evergorn. He prized it, for the emerald gave its owner many blessings and powers that have long been forgotten. One day, in the dead of night, during one of the King’s great feasts, a fire mysteriously engulfed the palace, leaving the place in ruins and destroying everything inside, except the King and the emerald. King had taken the emerald of its pedestal during the fire and ran out of the palace before he could get anything else. Once he ran outside and put the emerald in a safe place, he ran back to try to save the others but the palace had collapsed right after he escaped. After the fire went out, due to a thunderstorm, he found his great palace in ruins and his guests corpses. He instantly regretted his decision of saving the stone. After burying his guests and families bodies he set out to travel wherever feet took him. He traveled for the rest of his life, and in between his travels he had many adventures. They say on his many adventures he slew vicious beasts and helps villages and towns during war. Even when his hair and beard turned white he didn’t stop. When he could barely walk or see he still traveled. Then one day he finally stopped, he knew this was where he would die. He used his remaining strength to construct a pillar and set the emerald, which he had carried all those years, and died a peaceful lonely death. Before he had died he had spoken both a blessing and a curse that whoever was able to take the stone from the pillar will live a rich and pleasant life but will die lonely and regretful just like he had.

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