Noor saw the moment she decided to betray him. Her hair was flying in the windy tunnel, her brown eyes staring at him. She held that dark blade in her hand. He knew everything might come down to this, but it still damaged him, still broke what was left of his soul.

“You won’t do it,” he said, and for once he was unsure of his words. He regretted them right after they escaped his lips, because he knew she would do it. He knew she wasn’t the same girl he had fallen in love with. She took a step closer to him, tears welling up in her eyes, but there was nothing saying she wasn’t going to stab him and feed him to the ever-growing darkness behind him.

“And if I do?” she questioned, her voice almost cracking on her words. She knew very well that Noor could stop her. He could disarm her in seconds.

“Then I won’t stop you,” he replied, not letting the tears overtake him. He wouldn’t stop her from sacrificing him to the darkness, ending this fight that seemed to never end. As he said those words, she took the knife and stabbed him in the chest, right near his heart. He flinched, but didn’t scream. She shook her head and pushed his body towards the darkness.

When she looked at him for the last time she seemed happy. Perhaps she never loved him at all. He felt himself choking for air, or perhaps he was choking on his own blood. Either way, he knew he was dying. Then he was asleep, and right before he drifted off, he told himself that if he survived by some miracle, he wouldn’t go after Amora.

He wouldn’t do to her what she did to him.


-An excerpt from a short story by Jessica, written during Creative Writing Workshop, at Potranco Branch Library and Mays Family YMCA.

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