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June @ Encino

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Hi from Encino library world! We had such an awesome month staring things off with our Summer Reading Kickoff Party with ninja balloon assassin, green screen photos, tons of gaming and pizza! 

Mondays this month were all about the Anime in (duh) Anime Club! Plus awesome snacks like SnoCones and smoothies to get us pumped for more episodes of Mob Psycho 100, Durarara, Torikno, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and My Hero Academia

We took our new Teen Tuesday program to the heights of DIY with plant pot decoupage, perler bead creations, and teen-made delicious food featuring dirt pudding and lazy smores bars. Teens took their cooking skills to the next level during a visit from Chef Justin of the San Antonio Food Bank. They made yummy Spanish food including gazpacho, paella, and sangria. 

Finally (last but not least!) Wednesdays this month featured two epic teen gaming sessions and a *new program* we call Teen Screen where we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (cosplay encouraged!). 

Join us next month as we continue to cook around the world, watch a couple of new blockbuster movies, get our creative juices going with more crafts, and play so many more video games like our favorite super smash bros! 🙂 

April @ Encino

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Besides our fun experiences with the Oculus Rift this month, Encino Teens also did a lot of other cool activities worth sharing. We had a particularly game-centric month in teen club with our awesome teens bringing in their own card games to share. We played both One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Betrayal at House on the Hill. We also got a little crafty this month making our own fiesta float and painting light switch plates. April was also a super sugary month in the snacks department with munchies including brownies, cookies, candy, and cupcakes. Anime club featured epic discussions on subbed vs. dubbed, as well as viewing of five different anime series throughout the month. Come join us in May for more entertaining times in the Encino Teen Room! 🙂 🙂 

Encino Teens February Fun!

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Encino Teens had a really fun February that involved using our WiiU for all types of gaming, making pizza cake pops, drawing tons of cool anime and manga-inspired works, and constructing duck tape roses for our valentines. We munched our way through way too much heart-shaped candy, played a laugh-out-loud game of Superfight, and felt inner peace after doing some zentangle drawing. Our Anime Club finished the first season of Nanbaka (which we all highly recommend!), with some other anime episodes peppered in.  Join us for another fun-filled month in March featuring a special Teen Tech Week edition teen time and more Anime Club every Monday! *By Julia, your Encino Teen Librarian*

Onigiri Anime Night

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Igo “Starbooks Cafe” K-Pop (part II)

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Girls’ Generation


When I was first introduced to kpop, I was introduced to Girl’s Generation, a nine member girl group. As one of the top girl groups, their songs are not only widely popular in Korea, but they are also well known in many parts of Asia.  Their official fan group calls themselves “sones” and many of the members keep contact with their growing fans with Instagram, Weibo, Twitter, and more. Their debut song, “Into the New World” has very inspirational and motivating beats and garnered a lot of attention. The very first song that got me interested in the group was “Genie”, which sports a sailor concept and is part of one of their most successful albums, Run Devil Run.

Sophie, Igo TLLC

to  be continued…


Igo Teens Gone Crafty!

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Those who skipped kindergarten and developed neither the fine motor skills nor tolerance for mindless violence
have devoted their time to artistic endeavors such as this :craft1

craft3craft 4

Mission Anime Club

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What color CD to scratch designs into??


Wait! It’s Anime Club… that means onigiri (Japanese rice balls)!!! Forget the CDs.


Hanging out at the laptops while eating onigiri and snacking on some Japanese candy.


Second round for onigiri! It’s been decided unanimously that sushi rice is better than jasmine rice when making onigiri.


Done eating and using the laptops? Then it’s time for table tennis!

Overall a fun night at Mission Library!

Teen QR SCANvenger hunt clue!