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Encino Teens February Fun!

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Encino Teens had a really fun February that involved using our WiiU for all types of gaming, making pizza cake pops, drawing tons of cool anime and manga-inspired works, and constructing duck tape roses for our valentines. We munched our way through way too much heart-shaped candy, played a laugh-out-loud game of Superfight, and felt inner peace after doing some zentangle drawing. Our Anime Club finished the first season of Nanbaka (which we all highly recommend!), with some other anime episodes peppered in.  Join us for another fun-filled month in March featuring a special Teen Tech Week edition teen time and more Anime Club every Monday! *By Julia, your Encino Teen Librarian*

Landa Teens, Hello 2017

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<<<<Teens greeted the new year by hanging out in their typical no -drama style  >>>>

 [taking over the teen space to play exploding kittens ] exploding-kitten-corps

{watching movies and making art} 

tape-spin-art-1        tape-spin-art-3

[ making balloon animals (?!) ]

{and hacking mad science to create the most satisfying slimes}



Landa Teens – Remembering Novembering

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What a month!  We welcomed back a long time Teen Volunteer who just returned from studying abroad in Japan (!), showed off our Xbox skills, honed our poetry wordsmithery  for the annual Pegasus Poetry Competition – check out our blackout poetry board 🙂 –  and leveled up our baking know-how (now with more vegan options!) with the most delicious of all sweets treats – the mighty cake pop


FNKY YES Time! 01/20/16 [Teen Time @ Igo BranchLibrary]

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FNKY YES Time! (Teen Time)

Where Igo teens hang out to do whatever they want to do for fun!

This time, space was made for a friendly (and sometimes vicious) game of Badminton.

FNKY YES Time! 3 January 20thFNKY YES Time! 4 January 20thFNKY YES Time! 2 January 20thFNKY YES Time! 1 January 20th

Game Fest at Igo

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On Saturday, August 10, Igo teens hosted an event which vaguely included cherries, oranges, grapes, and ghosts. No, we weren’t eating various types of fruits and telling ghost stories. Instead, we wore multi-colored hats and pretended to eat dots. Before a competitive contest of let’s-see-who-can-keep-the-feather-in-the-air-the-longest, teens faced off in a grueling battle of “life sized Pac Man” that wasn’t really life sized at all. It was HUMAN SIZED. Teens competed a number of different challenges for prizes that ranged anywhere from a free cookie coupon from Jason’s Deli to a gift card to Barnes & Noble.

The game fest was held in the teen room at Igo Library, where video games and crafts like face painting, keychains, SUPERSMASH Bros, and mosaics, were scattered between different tables around the room. Kids from different libraries such as Cody,  Maverick, Semmes,  Parman,  and Great North West came to join in on the fantastical wonder of  Igo, and the teens from Cody even began working on the Rube Goldberg machine,  where they designed a not-so-high-tech machine that transferred a rolling ball from one end of the room to another. The project is still a work in progress, and they’re working to fix the problems that occurred during the fest.

By the end of the day, teens sulked home with smeared paint wiped across their faces, a heavy wallet full of cookie coupons to a sandwich shop, and bellies full of free, unhealthy ( but so tasty) pizza.   All in all, the game fest was a fun break from worrying about upcoming AP classes and a backpack full of essays and pencils.

Pictures are coming soon!!!

Abbie Boyer, 15 Igo Teen

The XBox One or The XBox None

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If you’re a gamer and haven’t been living under a rock for thw past few weeks you’ll know about all the hype that’s been surrounding the next gen consoles. Sony’s Play Station 4(PS4) and Microsoft’s XBox One. You’ll also hear about the controversy surrounding the new XBox and the praise the new Play Station is receiving. But although both consoles deserve equal attention, today I’m gonna talk about the XBox One, and what will make, or break it.

The XBox One, with eight years in the making boast a 8-Core CPU, 8GB Ram, 500GB hard drive, Blu-Ray player, 3.0 USB ports, Wi-Fi Direct Connect, and the new Kinect 2.0. For those who aren’t tech geeks, let me break it down. With the new hardware you get prettier graphics, faster processing, quicker connections, more storage oner the console, and with the Kinect 2.0 better responce to body movement and improved voice control. Although the XBox One’s hardware is not a major improvement over the current XBox 360’s specs, the software that was going to make the diffrence.

The most interesting fact about the XBox One’s software is that it will run three diffrent operating systems. There will be a core operating system that will boot when the XBox turns on, then it will boot the XBox OS, that will be responcible for the games, and a version of Windows 8 OS that will be used to operate party apps like Skype or Internet Explorer. Other features the new XBox boast is intergrated DVR which records gameplay and allows you to edit right there. Also SmartMatch, a new kind of matchmaking system that developers can tap in to. But the contreversy surrounding the new XBox is where games are installed into the hard drive and that they don’t allow for trade between friends, and a fee would be chraged to reinstall the game another time. Another contreversial addition is the always needed internet connection, this would be used for cloud support that would allow for more storage, and better graphics with cloud computing. But when word of this spread many gamers responded with negative feedback. After a few weeks of the unveil of the new XBox, Microsoft, in a 180 move, released a statement saying that they will remove the always on internet requirement, and the nesesity to install the game to the hard drive, and the ability to freely trade games.

Over all the new XBox One has potential to be the next big thing in gaming, but we’ll have to wait till it’s release this fall.


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Alright alright alright, people, this is it! Carver library is under attack–remember, THIS IS WHY WE TRAIN. THIS IS WHY WE PLANT.




We're coming...

We’re coming…







PvZ plants 6







PvZ plants 8







That’ll do, vegetation. That’ll do.

Remember: Gardening is Zombie Preparedness.

Remember: Gardening is Zombie Preparedness.