June @ Encino

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Hi from Encino library world! We had such an awesome month staring things off with our Summer Reading Kickoff Party with ninja balloon assassin, green screen photos, tons of gaming and pizza! 

Mondays this month were all about the Anime in (duh) Anime Club! Plus awesome snacks like SnoCones and smoothies to get us pumped for more episodes of Mob Psycho 100, Durarara, Torikno, Blood Blockade Battlefront, and My Hero Academia

We took our new Teen Tuesday program to the heights of DIY with plant pot decoupage, perler bead creations, and teen-made delicious food featuring dirt pudding and lazy smores bars. Teens took their cooking skills to the next level during a visit from Chef Justin of the San Antonio Food Bank. They made yummy Spanish food including gazpacho, paella, and sangria. 

Finally (last but not least!) Wednesdays this month featured two epic teen gaming sessions and a *new program* we call Teen Screen where we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (cosplay encouraged!). 

Join us next month as we continue to cook around the world, watch a couple of new blockbuster movies, get our creative juices going with more crafts, and play so many more video games like our favorite super smash bros! 🙂 

1st week as an intern at the library 

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This first week at The Great Northwest Library has been quite the experience. I was doing thing that I never thought I would be doing at a library. Coming into the library I thought I was going to be stacking books all day and telling people where they could find the paper back copy of captain underpants, but it turns out I was completely wrong. MY FIRST DAY HERE WE MADE SUSHI!!!! That doesn’t happen at a library, so I thought. The next few day was the typical library procedure stacking books and updating the bulletin board. Then came video gaming night which was quite the adventure. Me not knowing that much about games I thought that there going to be a couple kids battling it out in super Mario cart, but one again I was wrong. I had never seen so much intensity in my life. I did not want to get myself hurt so I just kept quiet and minded my own business.

  Over all I love it here so far and the people here are amazingly nice, I cannot wait to see what the library has in store for me next.

Time Out @ Parman Teen Time: 4-way Chess!

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Time Out @Parman Teen Time: Slime Stress Balls!

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Parman Teen Summer Display!

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  1. Sign Up with the Blue Registration form
  2. Turn in to staff member
  3. Each Book you Read or Library Program you attend fill out Yellow Chance Card
  4. Turn in to staff member
  5. Each Yellow Chance Card enters you into a drawing to be held at the End-of-Summer Party at Central Library in August. You do not need to be present to win. However, you must write legibly or we will not be able to contact you if you win.

Happy Summer & come join us Tuesdays for Time Out @ Parman Teen Time 6-8 pm!

Parman Teen Display: Celebrating Pride Month!

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The Genderbread Person V2.0


Parman Teens Support our LGBTQI brothers & sisters: All the Colors in the Rainbow!

May @ Encino!

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Welcome to May at Encino! We had such a fun month with lots of DIY including slime stress balls, Mother’s Day cards, and painting tea-light candle holders. 

Big screen gaming this month featured an epic smash bros battle and eight teens participating in Air Console games on our iPads! Encino Teens also went retro with out gaming this month featuring classics like Clue and Battleship. (PS. It was Mr. Green in the conservatory with the knife!)

And because ya’ll know we like to munch during our programs (NOMZ!) this month we made some really delicious stuff like muddy buddies, make-your-own trail mix, and grilled cheese cakepops! Who knew our teens had such culinary talent?

Come out in June for our Summer Reading Kickoff Party (June 7th) and *new* programs starting June 13th 🙂 🙂 !!