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Landa Teens : March

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March had Landa Teens making Thrift TShirt Pillows, Tech Week LED Throwies, Tie Dye to dye for 😉, Cooking Club- making Lemonade, arting out to PI Day, and the very early beginnings of our Teen Night Suggestion Box – reveal tba. Whew. It was awesome and we are ready for April! 

Landa Teens, Hello 2017

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<<<<Teens greeted the new year by hanging out in their typical no -drama style  >>>>

 [taking over the teen space to play exploding kittens ] exploding-kitten-corps

{watching movies and making art} 

tape-spin-art-1        tape-spin-art-3

[ making balloon animals (?!) ]

{and hacking mad science to create the most satisfying slimes}



Landa Teens : bye-bye ’16

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Landa Teens rocked out the last month of the year with Teen Nights  inspired by the Mayor’s Book Club – we took way too many pics and listened to records brought from home (yep, actual LP records. Queen Forevah!),  Playdough part 2 – we helped make playdough for Landa’s Winterfest and  of course had a batch for ourselves, crafted for Dr. Wholiday with Cookies & Youtube Who-a-thons, Made displays in the Teen Area, and of course Cooking Club – pizza from scratch.  Whoa, ya’ll. Whoa. And so much more to come in 2017  🙂 . 

Teen Book Review: “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie and illustrations by Ellen Forney

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Exploring Indian identity, both self and tribal, Alexie’s novel is a semiautobiographical chronicle of Arnold Spirit, aka Junior, a Spokane Indian from Wellpinit, WA. The bright 14-year-old was born with water on the brain, is regularly the target of bullies, and loves to draw. He says, “I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods, and my cartoons are tiny little lifeboats.” He expects disaster when he transfers from the reservation school to the rich, white school in Reardan, but soon finds himself making friends with both geeky and popular students and starting on the basketball team. Meeting his old classmates on the court, Junior grapples with questions about what constitutes one’s community, identity, and tribe. The daily struggles of reservation life and the tragic deaths of the protagonist’s grandmother, dog, and older sister would be all but unbearable without the humor and resilience of spirit with which Junior faces the world. The many characters, on and off the rez, with whom he has dealings are portrayed with compassion and verve, particularly the adults in his extended family. Forney’s simple pencil cartoons fit perfectly within the story and reflect the burgeoning artist within Junior. Reluctant readers can even skim the pictures and construct their own story based exclusively on Forney’s illustrations. The teen’s determination to both improve himself and overcome poverty, despite the handicaps of birth, circumstances, and race, delivers a positive message in a low-key manner.

Sarah, Central TLLC, 16

"The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie and illustrations by Ellen Forney

Collage-making session at Cody

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This past Tuesday during Teen Time at CSAPL, we created collages during Teen Time alongside a famous-but-not-in-a-book-yet collage artist!

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Elissa, the famous-but-not-in-a-book-yet artist, showing us some of her collages to help boost our creativity

Here’s a rundown of this special event.

What we did

First, we looked at some finished collages for inspiration and direction. They looked great! Listening to the stories behind each collage was a lot of fun. We heard about how ripping paper can change the way you look at life, and that you don’t necessarily have to be able to draw in order to be an artist.

Next, we headed over to the magazines in search of our own collage-worthy clippings.

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Looking through some old NatGeos to find that perfect image

Stack of clippings in hand, we proceeded to assemble them on top of manila paper or a magazine clipping while conversing. We didn’t have to go a single minute without a delightful dose of Elissa’s humor and encouragement.

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Discussing books, sharing stories, and getting to know one another.
And making collages.

If you missed out…

You can still create a collage on your own if you want! We didn’t use anything particularly unusual to make ours 🙂

To make sure you don’t miss anything else, you can show up at the next Teen Time for something else fun!



Never mind.


210 Teen Gifs Science Tuesdays

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As creative Teens we designed our small Gifs today and worked on our images to create a work of art. We learned how technology can be used to create masterpieces. 






Rockstar dude

(Click on any that aren’t moving)
~Anastasia and Tony, thanks Regina for your help!

Today is Pablo Picasso’s Birthday…

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Today is Pablo Picasso’s birthday so we’ve got art on the brain!  Visit 210teenlibrary’s deviant art gallery to view some masterpieces made by SAPL teens! Want to display your art in 210teenlibrary’s gallery? Let us know!! FB 210teenlibrary (you should like us, too!)

Trust of Love by Alexandra